It’s been a busy few months for our software development team, with the focus being on enhancing existing features to streamline building survey set-up within Kykloud. As a result of customer feedback we have added many new features and usability improvements, making our market leading building surveying software even better!

So What’s New?

  • The ability to clone sites, add these sites to a portfolios and survey lots and generate the survey all in the click of a button.
  • Introduction of Mandate versioning allowing you to make changes to your mandate mid survey programme and keep same Survey Lot.
  • Extension of look-up groups for Failure Types and Action Required – allowing groups these to be set up and reused across mandates.
  • New survey Import feature allowing you to import survey data from other systems into Kykloud.
  • The abitlity to have different section questions accross different sections.
  • Launch of Kykloud Customer Help Portal.

Read on to find out more!

Clone Site

Kykloud Asset Management and Building Surveying Software - clone screens

If you like many of our customers has a very large number sites to manage, you can now choose to clone an existing site in Kykloud rather than importing a new one each time. If you have a survey programme where all the sites are the same in terms of structure, you can clone a site and create many sites from this one site changing only the site details for example the name, location etc.

You can also choose to add this site to a survey lot and to a portfolio to generate all surveys required. This removes the need to manually assign sites and generate the surveys, dramatically reducing the set-up time for your programme.

Mandate Versioning

Kykloud Asset Management and Building Surveying Software - Survey Mandate Versioning

You can create different versions of the same mandate so if the survey requirements change simply create a new version of the mandate. All existing surveys will be attributed to the old version of the mandate and all new surveys generated will be attributed to the new mandate.

You can easily see the current mandate in use and any historical mandates.

Failure Types and Action Required Lookup Groups

Another time saving development has been added to failure types and action required lookups, you can now place your action required and failure type lookups in a reusable group. This allows you to reuse these in any mandate rather than having to redefine them.

Survey Importer

Kykloud Asset Management and Building Surveying Software - Import New or Update Existing Building Surveys

We get lots of requests from customers around getting survey data held in different building surveying software systems or file formats into Kykloud. You invest heavily in collecting data to manage your estates and by adding an import feature to the Kykloud asset management system our customers can now leverage the value of their historical data long into the future. Simply import the data from legacy systems, spreadsheets or databases directly into Kykloud where it can be easily reported.

Configuration of Survey Section Questions

Again following on from your feedback, you can now configure the sections in your survey to have section specific questions. If for example your sections consist of Building A and Externals, you can now add a set of questions specific to Building A and a set of questions specific to Externals, allowing you to target the data you collect to location you are in.

Kykloud Help Portal

Kykloud Asset Management and Building Surveying Software - Fully Integrated Help and Support system

We have now launched a new On-line Help tool – if you need some help on using Kykloud or need to contact one of our support agents click on the help link as in the screen above.

We hope you make use of these new features and improvements!

If you are currently a user of the Kykloud Building Surveying Software and have any questions about the new features please email or ring us on 08453 662242 selecting option 2. 

If you are not yet a customer but would like to discuss how the Kykloud asset management and building surveying software could help you please contact sales at or call 08453 662242 selecting option 1.

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