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Trident’s Anthony Walker certainly thinks it can; he succinctly discusses the benefits of Proptech on the surveying profession in the latest edition of RICS Building Surveying Journal (October 2017).

Proptech providers like Kykloud have been shouting about the benefits that technology can bring to the profession since long before the term ‘proptech’ was even conceived.
It is great therefore to see just how much end users and indeed RICS are now also recognising its tangible benefits and are investing time and energy to communicate these benefits with their fellow surveyors too.

Trident Building Consultancy which provides building surveying, project management and cost management services across the private and public sectors, is a progressive building consultancy which has been an early adopter of technology so it comes as no surprise that Walker talks so passionately about the role of technology.

Indeed Trident was an early adopter of Kykloud and now uses it across its portfolio to extract data quickly and efficiently and use this data to have evidence based conversations with its clients about planned repair and maintenance expenditure.

But Trident’s adoption of technology is based not on vanity but its ongoing commitment to improvement. Walker makes the point that technology not only helps them to demonstrate to clients where investment is needed but is also helping them to demonstrate where clients can afford not to spend money, releasing cash for alternative investment purposes – music to the ears of any property asset manager.

Trident is one of huge growing number of building consultancies to place technology at the strategic heart of their business, so much so that proptech now sits firmly on the agenda of the Building Surveying Professional Group Board (BSPGB).

The BSPGB have embarked on an innovative programme to highlight the added value of proptech on the profession. Earlier this year, Trident and Troup Bywaters + Anders utilised Kykloud technology to carry out surveys on RICS HQ in Parliament Square, London. The data was extracted and recorded with Kykloud via simple iPads and the data was then used whilst still on site to generate a detailed report and maintenance schedule for the RICS Facilities Management Team; providing them with a comprehensive, detailed and accurate report and data set that they could immediately use in order to prioritise investment.

Proptech was then put to the test again when drone technology was used to record high resolution and thermal images of RICS HQ to create a 3D model that can be linked to the existing building model.

Over the coming months the BSPGB will use the survey of the RICS HQ, the process, the workflows and outputs to help broaden the understanding of proptech among building surveyors. A series of university visits are planned in order to raise awareness among the next generation of building surveyors too.

It’s exciting times for a proptech business such as Kykloud but even more exciting for today’s building surveyor who is able to embrace the new technology opportunities with agility…….. I only wish such opportunities had been on offer when I practised as a building surveyor!

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