2012 has most definitely been the year of the bike.  Cycling seems to have earned itself a place as one of the most popular sports in the UK thanks to the fantastic achievements of Team Sky and Bradley Wiggins in the Tour de France and then the dominant force of Team GB in the Olympic Velodrome.

One of the things to hold cycling back as a major sport in the consciousness of the public has been the often complicated rules of the cycling peloton where hundreds of riders in a road race compete not as individuals, but as team mates.  Understanding the politics of the peloton is more about understanding the team play and physics at work in group races than it is about pedalling to individual glory.  It takes teamwork, the right resources and ultimately, innovation to outwit the peloton to take victory and interestingly it offers a great metaphor for technology.

A client recently referred to what is happening in surveying technology as the ‘tech peloton’ and he was absolutely correct.  This particular client could see that there is a breakaway group of businesses who are adopting surveying technology such as Kykloud, and using it to take victory in the race to perform more efficiently and ultimately, win more work.  In much the same way that breakaway groups and challengers make any road race suchriveting viewing, it is the surveying firms who have taken a chance and are using innovation and new resources to power home to success.

So the question is, do you make your move or do you wait until the end of the race and risk competing against so many other riders?  In that situation often it is a group of riders who cross the line, making it difficult to differentiate who the real winners are.  This is also true of technology, it is best to make your name in an industry for innovation rather than trying to shout about what makes you different once everyone else has adopted the same tool.

Kykloud surveying technology offers the breakaway opportunity you need to show your skills as an adaptable, fast-paced company and if you’re ready, what’s stopping you?  Industry leaders don’t stay with the peloton and hope for the best on the finish line, they take chances and use the resources as their disposal to create a win-win situation.

It is worth noting that it is the firms in a breakaway who will lead the rest of the industry.  Where they go, the rest will follow and they will set the pace that everyone must match of risk falling behind.  As far as disruptive technology is concerned, Kykloud is changing the face of modern building surveying and it is a tool which offers the opportunity to take home the ‘maillot jaune’ for businesses focused on their future