Colliers Dubai based valuations team has transformed the efficiency of its department with the introduction of a mobile surveying software application.

The team, which is the market leader in the region, carries out complex valuation surveys across a wide range of residential properties in the UAE. Colliers adopted Kykloud technology in 2016 to enable them to carry out surveys more efficiently and improve the service they offer their clients. Director and Head of Residential Valuations, Tremaine Ferreira believes that Kykloud has played a huge role in the success of his growing division.

The cloud based SaaS product which is successfully used across the globe to help property asset managers and surveyors better manage complex property portfolios and capture real time data, allowing them to make data driven decisions about long term repair and maintenance strategies, has been specifically adapted to meet the needs of the Colliers valuation team and is said to have brought about significant time savings.

Tremaine said: “Kykloud’s technology is a simple app which we use on an iPad but it has literally transformed the way in which we operate. Long gone are our clipboards and cameras but our surveyors now use the Kykloud app to carry out detailed inspections and produce Collier’s standard reports more or less at the touch of a button.

“With Kykloud our surveyors can carry out inspections and document the condition of every element of a building quickly and easily from a dedicated drop down menu and photos are captured through Kykloud and directly linked to each room, eliminating the need to carry our time consuming labelling exercises post inspection.

“But where Kykloud provides the greatest time savings is in the generation of the reports; the data captured through Kykloud is saved in the cloud and before our surveyors have even left site, the office team can download the inspection data and automatically create Collier’s standard valuation reports. All the surveyor needs do is simply add a valuation figure.

“The difference this has made to the way in which we operate is huge. Within 2-3 hours of an inspection we can have a report client-ready; this has stripped away so much unnecessary administration time and allows our team of professional surveyors to spend more time doing what they do best; surveying.

“Far from compromising on quality, Kykloud allows our surveyors to spend more time looking upwards at buildings rather than downwards at paper so has actually helped improve our end product and without a doubt gives us a competitive advantage; I’m loathed to tell too many people as we want to keep it to ourselves!”

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