This month I was asked to offer readers of Modus magazine advice on how they can adapt their iPads and other mobile devices to bring about improvements to the iPad building surveying process. Mobile devices and the iPad building surveying software developed for them are quite literally revolutionising the building surveying process, allowing jobs to be completed more quickly and efficiently and ensuring decision are being driven by data.

Aside from investing in Kykloud’s  iPad building surveying software – the easiest way to use your iPad to carry out surveys – I shared some very useful tips on some of the free and paid for apps that are emerging to help surveyors make the most of the devices they have in the palm of their hands.

From laser measuring devices to protective cases for harsh environments to how to improve the quality of your photography without the need for a separate expensive camera; I share all the add-ons that our clients and using to make their iPad work harder for them and improve the quality and speed at which they carry out surveys.

I have received some great feedback from colleagues in the surveying industry – some who use mobile technology and others who don’t – about how useful the article was.

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