News that The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) has launched the Building Information Models Lifecycle Operations Community of Practice (BIMLO COP) should be welcomed whole heartedly and will go a long way to placing BIM at the heart of FM.

Providing a platform to bring Building Information Models (BIM) practice leaders together for educational content is an important step forward.

IFMA Chair, Marc S. Liciardello was quoted as saying that it is another critical step forward in advancing the sustainability of real property assets over their lifecycle, sentiments which Kykloud fully applauds.

Building owners and facility managers benefit from BIM by being part of the early design process which can include energy modeling of HVAC and lighting systems resulting in lower operating expenses over the life of the building. Although complex, BIM is meant to be a collaborative process and impacts contracts, insurance, intellectual property rights as well as work performance.

The FM industry as a whole is waking up to the importance of being part of BIM. Building Information Models are undoubtedly an increasingly important concern to Kykloud’s customers and prospects too. Thankfully BIM has been at the forefront of our product development, which is why we have worked closely with the BIM Academy to ensure that our mobile condition assessment and asset management tool takes surveying and asset management to BIM “level 3” through the use of interoperable BIM data standards.

Hats off to BIMLO COP and we look forward to seeing its strategic plan and hear from its appointed Board of Directors.