Kykloud might be leading the way in mobile surveying software and BIM adoption with firms across the UK, but it seems the benefits of Kykloud have now also been recognised at government level after Kykloud was name-checked at the national government launch of the BIM4SMEs working group.

Government Minister Chloe Smith introduced Kykloud during the launch of BIM4SME in London as a shining example of UK BIM Software business to an audience of sector professionals and the media. Please see excerpt from the speech made at the 15th April launch below, a full transcript of the speech can be found at

“………….BIM is becoming a catalyst for growth for the SME community.

“For example – Kykloud, a British company set up in 2010, provides BIM ready building surveying and asset management apps so data can be collected onsite in real time and then reports compiled automatically on future long term maintenance costs. Their software is being used by some of the UK’s leading surveying practices across 23 million square metres of infrastructure including HMRC estates, MoJ and 6,000 schools – one third of English schools. This is impressive…”

“So it’s great when you hear SMEs say that BIM helps them compete with much bigger organisations. BIM is a great leveller.”

In her speech, Ms Smith makes reference to some of the early successes of BIM in the industry and how the government plans to ensure the benefits of BIM processes can be applied to drive savings and efficiencies across the construction industry in line with the plan to make all government building projects using BIM level 2 by 2016. Indeed, the Ministry of Justice has already secured £800,000 of savings using BIM processes in an extension at Cookham Wood prison in Kent.

BIM4SMEs ( is a partnership between the Construction Industry Council (CIC) and the Government’s Building Information Modelling (BIM) Task Group ( with the aim of bringing BIM processes to each phase of a buildings lifecycle from design through to operation. BIM4SME is a working group made up of individuals from SME organisations with a passion for BIM and a desire to help SMEs understand and engage with BIM processes at all levels.

BIM4SME’s is for individual organisation who may have started their journey with BIM, but need a chance to develop their understanding and access networks. It is also for those who have yet to engage with BIM processes but have an awareness and appreciation of BIM and an understanding of why it is considered important. A key theme of the task group will be tackling the budgetary restrictions in using BIM processes to tackle the questions important to SME’s including, value for money.
Ed Bartlett CEO of Kykloud backs the movement to get the whole construction and asset management industry benefitting from BIM, he says:

“There is over £100bn a year spent on construction, repair and maintenance in the UK but we only replenish 8% of our building stock each year. This means that a major part of this spend is on existing built assets on repair and maintenance. BIM is no longer just about large construction projects delivered by major contractors. Kykloud’s smart BIM ready technology is aimed at making the survey and asset management process more time and cost efficient and is now part of the solution being pushed forward and finally getting the attention it deserves at UK Government Cabinet level decision making. This is a “game changer” for our technology and the industry as a whole”

 To find out more about BIM4SMEs please visit or use the twitter hashtag #BIM4SMELive.