Kykloud CTO Nick Graham shares his expertise on SaaS vs On-Premise solutions with the readers of Housing Technology.

As more and more traditional processes are becoming automated, and the rate of technology adoption within firms continues to rise, owners, directors and managers all over the world are having to decide between adopting SaaS models and developing their own in-house solutions.

In January’s issue of Housing Technology senior executives from Kykloud, Civica, IT Lab and Riverlite share their views on the merits of these two technology models. Cost considerations, security matters, deployment decisions and scalability perspectives are but a few discussion topics covered in the article with cloud-based SaaS solutions generally coming out top.

Kykloud’s Nick Graham provides insight into data security matters adding:

“There was once a time when organisations feared the cloud and were probably quite rightly apprehensive about the security of their data and information. Most cloud based providers now offer a far better level of security than any in-house team could ever provide.”

“And when it comes to disaster recovery, the cloud wins hands down. Kykloud provides an eight-hour recovery time objective and a 15 minute recovery point, and we are definitely not alone. This means in the event of a critical disaster, fire or explosion at our primary data centre, our secondary site will be up and running within eight hours with a maximum data loss of 15 minutes”.

Nick also comments on scalability perspectives:

“Cloud-based products are normally metered on usage and it’s quick and easy to add extra capacity. If your needs fluctuate or you take on a big project requiring extra usage, its easy to flex up and down. With on-premise IT, by contrast, that’s not quite so easy when you have a solution developed specifically to meet a 50-strong team’s needs but you find that by the time the product is eventually available, your users have increased significantly.”

Nick concludes simply:

“There is simply no comparison between on-premise and cloud-based services. Instead of waiting months to develop a very basic and untested on-premise solution, you could opt for a cloud-based product and be ready to go within days”

But don’t just take our word for it…

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