RICS Annual Conference

Thursday 27th April 2017 marks a monumental date for Kykloud and the UK Proptech industry, as together with building consultancy Trident, Kykloud has been invited to speak at the annual RICS Annual Building Surveying Conference; to share its thoughts on the increasing role that building surveying plays in asset management.

Having been asked to share his thoughts and views at many an industry event, Ed Bartlett CEO at Kykloud explains why this one is so significant and how being asked to speak to hundreds of building surveyors at an RICS annual conference demonstrates a seismic shift in the way in which the profession views and uses technology.

“In the not so distant past, the building surveyor’s role in asset management was minimal. In simple terms, they conducted the survey and reported back on the condition of the asset they had been asked to survey but this was generally as far as their involvement would go.  But today, thanks to the widening use of technology, the surveyor plays a key role in asset management.  It is the building surveyor who extracts the data required to make informed budgetary decisions about capital and maintenance spend; it is their data which is used to create accurate lifecycle plans; and it is their data which will propel the ongoing industry-wide adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Kykloud allows the building surveyor to capture and collate this data easily and effectively in a way which meets stringent RICS compliance which I have no doubt is why 9 of the top 10 surveying firms in the UK use our technology and is why, despite not wanting to promote the commercial interests of private companies, RICS has asked us to talk about how data is changing the role of the building surveyor.

It is difficult to talk about data and surveying without talking about the likes of Kykloud, and indeed some of our competitors, who industry experts say have quite literally helped to change the face of the profession to make it far more data driven in order to respond to customers’ needs.

There can be no finer example of how technology is changing the role of building surveying than the Education Funding Agency’s Condition Data Collection Programme which is currently underway to collect independent centrally managed condition data about the state-funded school estate in England in order to obtain detailed data to target condition funding for schools in this Parliament.

As the chosen technology solution, all the building surveying teams involved in this – the largest public sector surveying project of its kind – will use Kykloud’s data collection and asset management technology.  Kykloud’s technology will allow the building surveyor to provide the EFA with the exact knowledge and data they require to make informed decisions about maintenance and capital spend for years to come

But building consultancies of all shapes and sizes are adopting technology like ours in order to extract meaningful data from built assets. Trident, is a great example of a progressive building consultancy which adopted technology from the outset and I’m pleased to say successfully uses Kykloud across a huge chunk of its client portfolio.

Trident’s senior surveyor Vicky Green will share her experiences of capturing asset data and turning it into intelligence for clients to use in the management of their asset portfolio. She will be using data captured with Kykloud from a recent survey of RICS HQ to demonstrate in practice how this sort of information can allow for more informed decisions to be made on priorities, investments, maintenance and procurement.

So with data playing an ever increasing role in the surveying profession, I am delighted to have been asked to share my thoughts and experience with the hundreds of building surveyors attending the biggest building surveying conference of the year and strongly believe that the occasion marks a significant step for the UK Proptech industry as a whole in recognition of the role it plays.

To download a copy of the presentation slides click here.