Kykloud has been making its presence known to our growing customer base down under this month following an interesting debut for our smart mobile surveying technology at Ozwater’13 – Australia’s international water conference and exhibition held earlier this month in Perth.

Kykloud was included within a key conference paper looking at the a case study of how mobile cloud-based data collection apps more commonly used in the building and construction sector have been successfully applied to the UK water industry.

The paper, written by Aecom and introduced to water industry executives at Ozwater’13, focused on the results of how incorporating effective mobile apps such as kykloud into a series of service reservoir and water hydrant inspections in the UK can offer an end to end asset management service, which supports a mechanism to prioritise maintenance and investment programmes. The report stated:

“The iPad inspection application is an innovative approach to field based data capture because it offers a number of unique features that fit seamlessly within the online data management cloud to equip utility managers with an easy to use interface that provides instant access to their data.”

The report identifies a number of advantages in using the cloud based asset management system including:

  • Efficient programming of inspections by allocating named engineers in advance and sending specific templates to their email.
  • Supporting multiple data collection as surveyors could work in parallel to significantly improve data quality and programme efficiency.
  • Assets are mapped geo-spatially to allow individual access to all information held against each asset.
  • The detailed descriptions of each component of a structure (defect, condition and a photo tagged to each component) improves consistency and provides an easily auditable record
  • Remedial works can be pre-loaded into the app to allow the engineer to focus on the assessment itself.
  • An embedded bill of quantities is available with each asset type having a standard replace/repair cost which is visible and adjustable by the inspector on site.
  • Life cycle cost management to calculate on-going life cycle costs can be enabled to include data pickups for residual life and on-going replacement cycles.

The value of kykloud in the water sector is summed up in the paper as proving to demonstrate an….

“…enhanced approach for understanding and benchmarking the performance of water industry assets……The authors have integrated this new methodology within an innovative iPad and cloud storage data management system to provide an efficient and common framework complaint approach which is able to quantifiably prioritise maintenance and investment programmes of work.

“The integrated approach has been applied to a series of service reservoirs and water hydrant inspections in the UK. For these programmes of work, significant benefits are being observed when compared to conventional condition assessment techniques. In essence, this approach offers an end-to-end asset management service for water utility providers which be tailored to suit virtually all types of assets.”

The paper was also picked up in Australian magazine, WME as part of their special feature on Ozwater’13 and ‘Reliability Modelling for Long-Lived Water Assets’ (page 42-43).

This application clearly shows how Kykloud’s cloud database driven approach to mobile technology is proving more valuable to our clients than the sometime confused ‘long winded text based reporting’ approach being promoted by numerous mobile apps.

By including Kykloud within the conference paper and WME feature, it has highlighted how transferable and effective our technology is within different sectors and territories and in particular, how it can be applied successfully in the water industry.