Kykloud app on iPad

Kykloud Home Survey, the dedicated mobile surveying app for residential surveyors, is now available from as little as £5 per month.

Residential surveyors can now benefit from Kykloud’s award winning technology and create RICS Home Survey Reports direct from their iPads for the cost of £5 per month (which includes one survey per month) with any additional surveys costing only £3- that’s a staggering 80% saving. What’s more Kykloud Home Survey is now rolling out its premium product features across all its packages so even if you only carry out one survey per month you can access every product feature.

Nick Graham, CTO at Kykloud explains the reasons for the change: “Kykloud Home Survey has such wide appeal, from individual surveyors to some of the large residential surveying firms. We want all of our customers, regardless of size or the number of surveys they complete, to be able to benefit from our premium product and have access to all its features; we backup the data for you, we do not limit the size of reports and we don’t limit the number of photographs per report.”

“User numbers have risen steadily since launch and the residential surveying market clearly recognises the time and efficiency benefits of mobile technology with some of our customers telling us that Kykloud has quite literally transformed their business, allowing them to double the number of surveys they complete each week, without eating in to any margin or compromising on quality.”

Kykloud Home Survey which was launched last year is used by residential surveyors of all sizes all over the UK to produce all three RICS HomeSurvey types including RICS Condition Reports, HomeBuyer Reports and Building Survey Reports, on their mobile devices with Kykloud technology.The partnership with RICS has enabled surveyors and other members of the profession to adopt mobile technology safe in the knowledge that the reports they are producing meet RICS stringent standards whilst being powered by Kykloud robust and secure technology – which remains the only cloud based provider of mobile surveying and asset management software to be awarded ISO 27001.

So whether you’re an independent residential surveyor or part of a large organisation, you can produce RICS compliant HomeSurvey Reports in half the time and at half the cost of the traditional surveying process with Kykloud Home Survey and signing up is so easy you can get started today with a 14 day free trial.

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