RICS Tech Affiliate

RICS Tech Affiliate Program is a Huge Step Forward for the Surveying Profession

“The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) announced this week that it will launch its first ever Tech Affiliate Program which is hugely welcome news and we are delighted that Kykloud will be part of it from the outset,” says Kykloud CEO Ed Bartlett.

The RICS’s newly developed Tech Affiliate Program (TAP) has been designed to promote the adoption of technology across the surveying profession and create a community for data and technology providers to promote RICS standards and best practice.

TAP presents Kykloud and other like-minded technology firms with a unique opportunity to contribute towards the ongoing evolution of the Property Technology industry, increasingly referred to by people both within and outside of the industry as Proptech.

In recent years Proptech has gathered pace amongst the surveying profession – once considered a very traditional profession which lagged behind others in the uptake in technology.

The launch of the RICS Tech Affiliate Program demonstrates just how far the profession has come in the adoption of technology and recognising the role it plays within surveying and we are delighted to not only be part of the program but to have played a pretty major role in reaching this point.

When Kykloud initially launched in 2011, many surveying professionals were still sceptical about the role that technology could play in increasing efficiencies and in making better use of data and it’s fair to say some possibly feared technology seeing it as the enemy.

“Fast forward a few short years and the adoption of technology like ours has been widespread across the surveying profession and within property asset management and it’s great to see that RICS, the body representing the profession, is throwing its weight behind property technology with the launch of this innovative program.”

Speaking about the launch of the program and about technology in surveying Dan Hughes, Director of Data Products at RICS said:

“Data and Technology has been used for many years across the built environment and has, to a degree, changed how we do things. However more recently we are seeing a faster and faster pace of change to the built environment and how professionals carry out their roles.

“In recognition of this change and the importance that technology companies are having on our sector, we are delighted to be launching the TAP. The purpose of the program is to support awareness and thought leadership across the sector, specifically relating to the impact of technology and to support professionals with the adoption of standards.

“Being part of the TAP shows both the commitment to the adoption of professional standards and of playing a role in developing the profession as technology becomes increasingly important.”

Dan’s words certainly offer real insight in to the future role of property technology within the profession and I am confident that the affiliate technology partners will support RICS and its members with the continued adoption of technology designed to bring greater efficiencies in line with professional standards.

We certainly look forward to being part of its ongoing development.

For further information about the RICS Tech Affiliate Program click here.