Kykloud Summer Software Update

Part of my job as CTO at Kykloud is to make sure the software which is being used by our customers constantly evolving and improving and better than all other competing software – which it is and it keeps getting better! To keep us ahead of the game and to make sure our customers can deliver more for their customers we review, we listen and we improve. Our  support team, our account managers and our software engineers have all been very busy working on our best improvement release so far. We spend a lot of our time listening to our customers and regularly feeding the suggested features back into the product to make our software easier and even more enjoyable and efficient to use, and this summers release will not disapoint. Read on to find out more about whats coming:

Whole Life Carbon and Environmental Impacts

  • Custom Impacts – We have provided our customers with the ability to create their own impacts at activity level. Whole life carbon and environmental impacts can be easily created, captured, managed and reported upon. This ground breaking new feature takes Kykloud into new territory. You will now have the ability to add custom impacts of your choice e.g. water, carbon, energy consumption etc. These impacts are recorded against activities and are visible in all dashboards, plans and reports alongside cost. This will introduce all impacts into lifecycle plans and reports but all driven off a single activity dataset for consistency. You can toggle between costs, carbon, water and other impacts with simple toggle on/off dashboard tools.

Survey and inspection management

  • Very Large Building Support – performance improvements around survey generation have been made. We have listened to feedback and it was found that huge buildings were not as well catered for, introducing these changes to greatly increase the survey generation speed means very large buildings will be even easier to survey and report on, be it Condition Surveys, 6 Facet Surveys, Verfication Surveys, Stock Take Survey, HSE etc… you choose, these are all catered for with this feature.
  • Focused Project Management – some Gantt charts for survey programmes can get very big with several hundred surveys taking place. To help project managers focus on the time period they want we have added the ability to focus on a date range, and have by default started bringing back survey schedules in and around the current date rather than from the programme start date.

Enhanced reporting tools

  • Focused reporting – again having listened to customer feedback we have introduced a time frame into reports – you can now select a timeframe to report on e.g.  “give me all surveys completed last week”.
  • Aggregate reporting functions – we have added aggregate features for report output and export allowing values to be grouped and totalled in the reports without additional work being required by our users.

More Sophisticated Data management

  • Pick List Custom Fields – to improve data quality and survey speed, we have introduced a custom field type for creating pick lists. This will prevent human error on data input and also reduce the users time to survey by eliminating their requirement to type into a text field.
  • Multi Plan import – we have extended our site import features to allow multiple plans per site – this will enable users to import many costs plans against a single site and also run multiple forecast plans and scenarios as well as historic actual spend plans all in a single import step.

Mobile Building Surveyor Enhancements

  • Survey Management – we have now added features to enable users to easily manage which building surveys are on the device and which can be removed and archived. This will greatly improve usability when surveyors have completed many surveys and no longer require these to be listed on the device. Each user will be able to review archived surveys, download surveys to the device when needed and upload and remove surveys when they are finished with them.
  • Performance improvements – over the past few months we have seen a significant increase in the use of mobile networks rather than Wi-Fi and with that we have decided to improve the size of data being transferred between Kykloud’s cloud based asset management system and the device. We have made massive improvements which will reduce survey download time and again mean that surveyors can spend more time surveying.
  • On-board Gallery Support – surveyors can now use the on-board camera to take photos directly into the gallery area of the ipad or they can use a digital camera with an Eye-Fi SD card which will wirelessly transfer the photos from the camera to the iPad for the surveyor to select and add as photo evidence in survey.
  • Survey Element Search – for surveys undertaken where the element list is large we have added the ability to search for that element rather than scrolling and alphabetical list. Great for stock take surveys where lists can be massive and each room can have very different contents.