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Kykloud has been chosen to deliver the IT solution for the most comprehensive condition data collection exercise ever planned by the Education Funding Agency.

The project is the largest and most innovative survey project in Europe, aiming to survey around 22,000 schools in England over the next three years. Our cloud based solution will allow over 35,000 users across England access to the system for viewing school condition data, reporting and analysis.

Our software will give the EFA and all 22,000 schools complete visibility of their school’s condition and compliance for the next 5 years, facilitating more proactive and planned maintenance programmes, and minimising risk.

At Kykloud we continually strive to deliver the most comprehensive product and service, and remain passionate about the benefits our technology brings. The sheer scale of this project demonstrates that Kykloud is fully scalable, is able to meet the needs of its clients in a vast array of sectors, and confirms our position as the leader in mobile surveying technology.

This partnership is a sure sign of more exciting things to come- as smarter Asset Management is propelled to the forefront of the Property and Facilities Management agenda.

Press Release

16th September 2016

Kykloud appointed to deliver the IT Solution for the Education Funding Agency’s Condition Data Collection Programme

22,000 schools, to be visited for the collection of condition data using Kykloud Technology

Kykloud, a leading property asset management application, has been chosen to deliver the IT solution for the most comprehensive condition data collection exercise planned by the Education Funding Agency.

The property asset management software will be used to support the delivery of the Education Funding Agency’s planned Condition Data Collection (CDC) Programme which aims to visit around 22,000 schools in England over the next three years.

Kykloud SaaS (Software as a Service) product will be used by teams of surveyors to collect independent centrally managed condition data about the state-funded school estate in England in order to obtain detailed data to target condition funding for schools in this Parliament.

CEO Edwin Bartlett said: “This is one of the most innovative and largest projects of its kind in the UK. Kykloud’s condition assessment and asset management technology will give the EFA the knowledge and data they require to make informed decisions about maintenance and capital spend for years to come. Kykloud is already used across a number of large scale projects both in the commercial and public sector but the sheer scale of this project and the impact it will have on determining future spend across the state-funded education estate makes this something we are certainly proud to be part of.”

In 2011, the James Review of Education Capital recommended independent condition surveys on a rolling 20% sample of the school estate, repeating this to develop a full picture of the estate’s condition in five years and thereafter. The Property Data Survey Programme (PDSP) surveyed the building condition of the school estate in England from 2012-2014, resulting in an investment of more than £17bn in the education estate in England. The CDC Programme is planned to start in the late autumn 2016, will build upon this success and help the DfE and Education Funding Agency (EFA) to better target funding where it is needed in the future.

Kykloud is cloud-based and a fully scalable building surveying and asset management application that has been used across many sectors and projects. This includes leading retail and commercial clients and the survey of 7,000 schools under the EFA PDS programme, Multi Academy Trusts, Universities and Local Authorities. The Kykloud software suite comprises three main components: mobile building surveying data collection, web based asset management data storage and desktop access for form entry and reporting.