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Kykloud's Founders

Ed Bartlett (CEO) & Nick Graham (CTO)

Despite spanning the globe for available lifecycle costing software, to provide greater accuracy when capturing and managing whole life cost data, I was only ever presented with options to build hugely expensive bespoke systems.

Ed Bartlett, CEO

There was an obvious need for a software solution that would allow anyone responsible for managing large scale built assets to have real time access to their complex data and have this presented in a simple, effective way.

Nick Graham, CTO

Business Formation

The business was formed when the Chartered Building Surveyor and whole life cost director at Balfour Beatty Capital (BBCap) began sharing his frustrations at the lack of affordable in-field survey software available to provide an intelligent picture of the whole life cost of the multi-million pound infrastructure portfolio he managed, with an experienced software product development engineer – the two stumbled upon an obvious, until now unavailable solution.

Industry Experience

As Whole Life Cost Director at Balfour Beatty Capital, Ed Bartlett had been part of the management team who had built up a valuable infrastructure investment portfolio worth more than £680m. His team managed the long term or 'lifecycle' maintenance for PFI/PPP projects which had amassed lifecycle funds of c£1bn, to cover asset repair and replacement for 20 contracts which included 200 sites for the next 30 years. An impressive portfolio and a complex operational and financial management burden - all managed on Excel Spreadsheets with little in the way of in-field evidence.

Understanding Market Need

Ed recognised the risks and the restrictions that arise from using traditional spread sheets, but despite spanning the globe for available software, which would provide greater transparency and accuracy over data, he was only ever presented with options to build hugely expensive bespoke systems.What he needed was a full asset information model capable of delivering activity based lifecycle planning but which is also kept up to date with the latest condition data from the field.

Technology Expertise

This was until he met Nick Graham, the then Senior VP Technology at 4Projects a leading global SaaS business working within the construction sector. Between them they recognised that Ed’s frustrations were by no means unique and anyone tasked with managing the life time costs of major infrastructure programmes or large property portfolios would be facing the same challenges.

A Perfect Combination

With Ed being a Chartered Building Surveyor and his expertise in lifecycle management and Nick’s ability to build scalable enterprise class software applications, Kykloud was created. Kykloud is designed specifically for building surveyors who need to easily manage their surveyor resource and save time and money delivering surveys and the associated reports as well as the property owners, managers and operators to effectively manage their fixed assets by managing risk and achieving maximum value from their portfolios.