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What is the Kykloud mobile building surveying and management tool?

Kykloud is a enterprise class software product that allows you to carry out condition assessments on your iPad. The sophisticated asset information portal on which Kykloud is built, allows data to generate whole life cycle plans of up to 30 years across single sites or entire portfolios at the touch of a button. The product is a true “lifecycle” product delivering benefit at all stages of asset operations.

How will Kykloud benefit my business?

For a full range of benefits check out our Benefits page.

How will Kykloud benefit my clients?

Kykloud will allow you to survey more for less, allowing you to work more efficiently in order to meet tight deadlines and reduce costs; savings which you can share with your clients.

Can you survey offline?

Yes. Once a survey has been downloaded to your iPad you can survey completely offline.

What surveys can Kykloud be used for?

Kykloud has an extensive range of surveys. You can see a full list on our Solutions page.

How customisable are the survey templates and mandates?

Extremely customisable, Kykloud has been designed so any kind of onsite data capture can be carried out. You can create and customise an unlimited number of survey mandates for your specific requirements and projects.

How easy is it to change the mandates on Kykloud?

Very easy. Mandates can be used on an unlimited number of surveys and copied to create new bespoke versions for each survey.

What do Kykloud reports look like?

All reports either export to PDF, Word, Excel or in .csv format. They can contain whatever information you need and include embedded photographs and graphs of cost plans, which can be produced automatically post survey.

Can I export data from Kykloud in to Excel?

Yes. All data can be exported simply and accurately into Excel

Can we integrate Kykloud with other business systems?

Yes. Kykloud provides APIs which are easy to develop against, allowing you to leverage even more value from the data stored within Kykloud.

How do you add photographs through the Kykloud app?

Using the iPad camera, photos are automatically tagged as you survey. With site name, survey section and element name being captured in the photos file name.

Can I use the Kykloud software on an ad-hoc basis when I win big projects?

Yes, the software can be used like this and we would be happy to enter in to joint tenders with you to provide you with a competitive and innovative advantage when pitching for large projects.

Is there any limit on the number of users I can have on the Kykloud system?

No. This is the beauty of the SaaS model. You pay only for the level of users that your business requires and can increase or decrease this amount. This allows for variations in the size of projects, fluctuation in workforce etc.

Can I use Kykloud on a mac or PC?

Yes. Kykloud’s web application can be accessed through any web browser. Even on your iPad!

Is my data safe?

Yes. Your data is very safe.

Kykloud data is backed up to secure storage vaults in ISO27001 accredited data centres. For added peace of mind backup data is replicated between geographically diverse data centre facilities.

Kykloud and its Data Centres are ISO27001 Accredited meaning all Kykloud software and our cloud hosting infrastructure as well as physical security and business processes are in line with internationally recognised security standards and we are audited annually.

Kykloud also undergoes annual software and network penetration testing, ensuring our software and networks are continuously robust.

Who can access my data?

Only defined users can access your data and all information related to user access to data is encrypted, which guarantees that only the people you authorize can access your data.

Do you delete our data?

Absolutely not, we are fully aware of your compliance commitments and have a never-delete- guarantee. We will never delete your data unless instructed to do so.

Do you develop your own software or do you outsource to someone else?

Kykloud is a software vendor and our products are built by in-house software engineers.

We believe that any software house that outsources its entire product development team is not a software house but a risk to your business.

You can learn more about Kykloud as an organisation from our About page or our Careers page.

Do you provide in-house product support for Kykloud?

Yes we have a dedicated team of support engineers delivering excellent service to clients.

Do you provide Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for Kykloud?

Yes, we provide you with SLAs that ensure that we deliver the service you expect.

Are Kykloud’s SLAs aligned to its suppliers SLAs?

We choose our suppliers very carefully and regularly review their SLAs to ensure that we offer you full protection.

Does Kykloud offer a Data Out policy?

Yes, if a customer requires their data, for whatever reason, we will provide this to them.

Does the iPad app have enterprise level security and deployability?

Yes, the iPad, like the iPhone can be deployed across the enterprise with data security, password policies, hardware lock-down, remote disablement, etc.