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Editorial Contribution / Public Speaking

Kykloud's founding directors regularly provide input to industry articles and public speaking events

Ed Bartlett (CEO)

Ed was previously the whole life cost director at Balfour Beatty Capital and can talk knowledgeably about;

  • Extracting value for money from your assets over their whole life
  • The practicalities of implementing BIM in to maintenance and repair
  • Integrating whole life cost and carbon
  • Using lifecycle costing techniques and management to reduce costs
  • Meeting carbon regulations
  • Ensuring transparency and accountability in PFI

Nick Graham (CTO)

Nick is the former head of technology at leading global software as a service business (SaaS) 4Projects. Responsible for designing and building an application that copes with hundreds of thousands of users and a database growth of over 15 gig per week. He is a key player in the SaaS industry and can talk knowledgeably about;

  • Using SaaS to improve collaborative working
  • The use of innovative technology in asset management
  • Developing multi user SaaS applications

Marketing Team

For all media enquiries please contact...

Katie Oldham (Marketing Executive)
+44 7496 450938

Helene Graham (Vibrant PR)