James Miller, National Director of Estates and Technology at Ormiston Academies Trust (OAT), one of the largest multi academy trusts in the UK, shares his insights in to managing his ever growing portfolio with the readers of Academy Magazine and talks about the merits of utilising Kykloud mobile surveying and asset management software.

Ormiston Academies Trust has adopted Kykloud technology to better manage its growing portfolio; allowing for local autonomy whilst ensuring the Trust is meeting its complex legal and statutory responsibilities as well as having a strategic and long term view of investment and expenditure.
James says:

“Kykloud gives us a far greater and continuously up-to-date understanding of the condition of our estate so that we will now have a dynamic and transparent idea of our future requirements and their cost implications. This will allow us to plan our procurements much more efficiently and ultimately reduce our reactive and planned maintenance costs over the medium to long term. The days of dusting off condition surveys forgotten on the top shelf are gone!

What’s more, it arms us with evidence to demonstrate the level of funding we require, allowing us to have more informed, data driven discussions with the Department of Education. Whilst competition for funding is tough, it is hard to argue against data driven evidence.”

Having worked with OAT on product specification, Kykloud now meets the exact requirement of every academies trust, providing a readymade product that meets the needs of the entire sector.

Kykloud is now being used by an increasing number of academies around the UK to help them to better manage their portfolios and ensure they are meeting their legal and statutory responsibilities.

Find out more about OAT and Kykloud by reading James’ article in this issue of Academy Magazine here or to see how Kykloud could help you to better manage your estate don’t hesitate to get in touch on +44 (0)845 3662242 or email us at info@kykloud.com