Once again our software development team have worked hard to deliver today’s release which is geared towards making your surveys even more configurable and tailored to your needs.

You can group elements together allowing for easier navigation of complex element lists, introduce element specific dropdowns and template fields and you can even have different element lists per section.

Following your feedback we have made improvements to the Kykloud reporting tool also.

Grouping of Elements

An element hierarchy can be switched on to allow for easier navigation of elements with complex element lists. Kykloud has an excellent element search facility but the ability to organise elements into groups gives you the opportunity to organise the elements in a more logical way, potentially improving the speed of your data capture.

Elements categorised based on type for example Walls, Floors etc.

Selecting Walls – we now have 2 groups, Finishes and Painting.

Next level down is my element list for Wall Partitions / Finishes to Walls.

Greater customisation of your survey

Specify the dropdown values to apply to a grouping of elements or to specific elements.

For example – you have found a defect in the Finishes to Columns element. The dropdown values in Action Required can be configured so that the only values of Action Required applicable to Finishes to Columns area available.

Custom fields – If you want to capture additional data for the Finishes to Columns element, you can easily add a custom field and configure it to appear only on that element sheet.

Sections can now have different elements. For example if the scope of your project is to survey the externals of a given building, you can configure your survey so that the externals section of your survey contains only elements applicable to the Externals of your building.

Reporting Enhancements

Key changes to report layout for evidence items allowing for easier report compilation and formatting.

The new version (2.7) of the app is now available via the App Store or if you get it from testflight the new release (2.7.0) has been sent to you now.

As always please contact Kykloud support if you require any further information.