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Capture Manage Report Get started
Capture Manage Report Get started

Capture, Manage, Report

Fully mobile surveying software, that works even without wifi connection.


Fully customisable and bespoke building surveys are delivered directly to your team in the field for all data to be securely and efficiently uploaded.


We recognise that organised control of project data and project resources is key to your success.


An extensive set of reporting tools and features let you instantly create detailed reports at the touch of a button.

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Capture Data Efficiently

Fully customisable building survey software templates are delivered directly to your surveyors in the field, ensuring the accuracy, uniformity and quality of collected data whilst speeding up the time to survey.

The Kykloud smart building survey software is the ideal tool for your surveying team. It provides seamless integration between your office based and on-site teams.

Customisable survey templates are downloaded to the mobile app and when the building survey is finished the completed survey data for review and reporting.

A comprehensive range of survey types are provided as standard. These can be easily tailored or new ones created by you to meet the exact needs of your project.

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Manage every aspect of your project data and delivery

We recognise that organised control of project data and project resources is key to your success. Kykloud provides powerful project management capability, enabling project managers to effectively control resources from easy to use screens. Understanding geographical spread whilst being able to easily assign surveys to appropriate and available building surveyors improves project delivery times whilst lowering costs.

Customise Data Collection Asset Information Portal Asset Management Plans Programme Management QA and Audit BIM

Asset Information Portal & Data Upload

Kykloud’s user friendly interface supports quick and straightforward navigation through each of your assets, with the ability to drill down into portfolio details, individual sites, lifecycle cost plans and key contact details with ease.


Kykloud supports the BIM framework

Firstly with software technology for the gathering of detailed building details and secondly, by offering a way to access the information to improve the management of built assets and protect their future value.

We are interoperable with all types of BIM software through the COBie data format

Create & Customise Data Collection Templates

Survey managers select the sites which are to be surveyed, choose which survey type to perform on the site. Any type of survey required can be created using our “mandate builder” and saved for re-use on other sites.

Customisation means that all your current survey forms can be created with the rules can be put in place to enforce data collection, validation and photographic evidence say where priority thresholds are hit.

Survey Programme Management

Back office program management is quicker and easier using the Kykloud survey management tools and dashboards.

Users can generate surveys and assign these surveys to the surveyors based on clear project visibly using the Gantt chart tools.

As surveys are uploaded, real time status is given. You can manage large survey programs easily and effectively.

QA and Audit

We understand the need for consistent results for ISO9001 and PI insurance compliance. It is possible to check the quality of each survey.

Consistent grading can also be reviewed to make sure each survey and each surveyor is putting the correct condition and priority as well as recording evidence photos in line with survey plan. Every change made is tracked in an “Audit log” that can be used to trace change, edit and deletion.

Complete surveys can be approved or locked and downloaded back to the iPad app for post survey site validation checks.

Asset Management Plans

The “plan” area is where users can build and generate lifecycle plans, create multiple linked plans for budget planning, generating forecasts and monitoring actual expenditure across all assets. Kykloud supports the generation of multiple plans and financial forecasts and each plan has a searchable activity and schedule where activity type and frequency can be added and edited.

The survey app also links directly into our asset model and life cycle planning software which enables financial planning based directly on evidence collected in the field, our IFC and “COBie light” import functionality is taking BIM into the operational lifecycle phase.


Reporting at the touch of a button

An extensive set of reporting tools and features let you instantly create detailed reports at the touch of a button. Use the in-built library of reports, or customise your own. Kykloud makes it easy for you to report on any aspect of your estate. From single building single report or broad reporting across your entire estate, Kykloud can analyse your building and financial data in any way you require.

Portfolio Dashboard

The portfolio dashboard gives you a clear overview of your portfolio to navigate through, making it easy and quick for you to access data on various information from sites and budgets to actual plans and budget forecasts.

Report Generation Tool

The powerful reporting generation capabilities of Kykloud allow you to access and analyse any component or category across any section of your portfolio.

Kykloud has in-built report templates for all aspects of your reporting requirements. You can copy these and make alterations to suit your particular project needs.

Powerful Custom Reporting

The real strength of Kykloud is its ability to produce fully customisable reports ready to share or present. Be it asbestos registers, schedules of condition, life cycle models or delap reports, we can do it all. Kykloud allows you to configure every aspect of your report, and produce every calculation required.

All reports either export to PDF, Word, Excel or in .csv format. They can contain whatever information you need and can include a variety of information including embedded photographs, text, graphs of cost plans, etc