RICS members can now create RICS Home Survey Reports direct from their iPads with Kykloud Home Survey which was launched earlier this week.

Residential surveyors can now for the first time produce all three RICS HomeSurvey types including RICS Condition Reports, HomeBuyer Reports and Building Survey Reports, on their mobile devices with Kykloud technology, which will come as great news for residential professionals keen to benefit from the increasing use of mobile technology across the surveying profession.

Feedback from users has been really encouraging. One small surveying practice in the West Midlands told us that the app would

…transform our business, allowing us to double the number of surveys we complete each week, without eating in to any margin or compromising on quality

Kykloud, which was recently listed as one of the UK’s most promising digital business and invited to attend Pitch10 – a reception with David Cameron at Downing Street – initially teamed up with RICS in 2013 to produce the first RICS approved mobile survey templates and over the past 12 months we have been revolutionising the way in which surveys are undertaken across the industry.

The partnership has enabled surveyors and other members of the profession to adopt mobile technology safe in the knowledge that the reports they are producing meet RICS stringent standards whilst being powered by our robust and secure technology – we remain the only cloud based provider of mobile surveying and asset management software to be awarded ISO 27001.

The time and cost savings and increased efficiencies of utilising mobile technology to undertake the surveying process are well documented and use of the technology is now widespread across the industry so we are very excited about introducing a product specially designed to meet the needs of the increasingly volume driven, margin squeezed residential surveying market.

We are delighted to be able to extend our offering to the thousands of residential surveyors looking to produce reports more efficiently and profitably without compromising on quality and in accordance with their professional obligations who until now, have not had access to the safe and secure software to allow them to do so on their mobile devices.

So whether you’re an independent residential surveyor or part of a large organisation, you can produce RICS compliant HomeSurvey Reports in half the time and at half the cost of the traditional surveying process with Kykloud Home Survey and sign up is so easy you can get started today.

For further information visit www.kykloud.com/home-survey

Or download free from the Apple App Store/