RICS Tech Affiliate

Tomorrow (Wednesday 19th April) The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) will officially launch its eagerly awaited Tech Affiliate Program (TAP) which is welcomed news for the UK’s fast growing Proptech industry and the surveying profession in equal measure, says Kykloud CEO and RICS building surveyor Ed Bartlett.

Some 30 or more UK Proptech businesses – of which Kykloud is one – will come together as the founder members of the Tech Affiliate Program to find out more about the role that RICS will play in helping to drive the UK Proptech industry whilst being invited to share our thoughts on the impact that technology is having across the profession and indeed the pace of change that we are experiencing.

As a professional membership organisation, RICS is committed to supporting its members and the ongoing development of the profession; it therefore speaks volumes for the adoption and use of technology across the surveying profession that the organisation is investing so much time and resource to throw its weight behind its new Tech Affiliate Program.

The Tech Affiliate Program presents Kykloud and other like-minded technology firms who are accepted on to the Program with a unique opportunity to contribute towards the ongoing evolution of the Proptech industry, which in recent years has undoubtedly gathered pace amongst the surveying profession – once considered a traditional profession, which lagged behind others in the uptake in technology.

TAP to me demonstrates just how far the profession has come in the adoption of technology and recognising the role it plays within surveying and we are delighted to not only be part of the program but to have played a pretty major role in reaching this point.

When Kykloud initially launched in 2011, many surveying professionals were still sceptical about the role that technology could play in increasing efficiencies and in making better use of data and it’s fair to say some possibly saw technology as the enemy which was set out to replace surveyors.

Fast forward a few short years and such fears are more or less totally allayed and the adoption of technology like ours has been widespread across the surveying profession and property asset management, which is why having a program such as this which brings together the needs of RICS members with the very tech providers creating solutions, is so important to ongoing advancement of the profession and is why it gets my vote.

For further information about the RICS Tech Affiliate Program click here.