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Even Royal Estates Use Kykloud

Housing associations, charitable foundations and even royal estates utilise Kykloud in the management of their residential property portfolios

Are you asset managing a large residential portfolio? Does collating and managing condition survey data demand more time, money and resources than you would like? Make your residential estate asset management more efficient with Kykloud.

Kykloud’s revolutionary cloud-based software not only makes the effective collection and management of asset information faster and easier, it also allows residential estate managers to comply with their legal obligations.

Enterprise Ready

Kykloud allows you to start with a single building or asset before scaling up across the entire residential portfolio. Integrating our asset management software into your business is completely flexible, allowing you to make the transition simple and seamless.

We are also IS0 27001 certified which means your data is safe and provides a full audit trail.

Cloud-based & ready

Using our cloud-based software you can manage global residential assets 24 hours a day. Residential property owners and managers are able to control their entire portfolio from a single location but use local management and expertise on the ground.

Fully Integrated Surveying Apps

Our fully integrated mobile surveying iPad apps sync data collected by your on-site operational teams seamlessly with your Kykloud web portal.

Feature Packed

Kykloud provides a range of asset management and condition survey tools. Whether it’s a single asset or a large portfolio, managing properties and planning lifecycle expenditure is easy.

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