The slowdown in construction contracts is shifting the focus to support services amongst some of the biggest names in construction as a lack of new projects causes a shift amongst the building and construction industry.

A recent issue of Partnerships Bulletin highlighted that Balfour Beatty, Interserve and Morgan Sindall all showed signs in their financial results in August that their support divisions were becoming ever more important as the lack of new construction projects continued to impact on the profitability of some of the UK’s biggest construction names.

Looking beyond the financial statements released in August, it is clear to see that Balfour Beatty is confident about its support services sector despite a drop in profits during the first half of the year.  Where they seem less confident is their construction arm, with a £14m fall in profits not expected to improve in the second half of the year.  Any drop in activity in their support services sector was expected to be balanced out during the remaining months of 2012.

With support services becoming ever more important to help major construction firms stay profitable during the current difficult economic climate, it stands to reason that ways in which support services could be even more profitable will be welcomed.

The Kykloud condition survey app offers just this kind of innovation for support services which encompass building surveying.  The easy-to-use, instant reporting function of the app has been proven to reduce time on site by 60% meaning surveyors can not only do their job more efficiently, but ultimately more profitably.

Current users of the app report that they can complete double the amount of surveys thanks to the functionality of the condition surveying app bringing all elements of the surveying process into one straightforward data capture and reporting tool.  The Kykloud app, which can be customised to meet the needs of any type of condition survey, offers immediate reporting to ensure that reports can be generated and checked for quality assurance before the surveyor has even left the site.

As the focus in some of the UK’s biggest firms continues to switch to support services – Kykloud and its innovative condition surveying app could be the answer to make surveying more profitable during difficult times for construction.