Once again Kykloud is playing it’s part by providing it’s cloud based whole life costing software as part of a formidable team lead by the BIM Academy.



Day 2 of ‘Build Sydney Live‘ and despite having team members based in Newcastle, Oslo , Sydney and Melbourne, working across international time zones, the caffeine infused BIM Academy team is still going strong and our design for an international convention centre at Sydney’s Darling Harbour is looking pretty good and we are building on our previous successes at ‘Build London’ and ‘Build Qatar’ live events in 2012 with several new team members.

BIM Academy team use whole life costing software

AECOM Australia+New Zealand is a powerful new addition to the team bringing its cost management, visualisation, mechanical, structural, civil engineering and sustainability consultants onboard.

The powerful whole life costing and whole life carbon functionality of KyKloud’s asset management and facilities capital planning software is being used to impact decision making throughout the design phase and to demonstrate the sustainability of the team’s design by providing data driven reports on the operational costs of running the building long into the future.

With less than 12 hours to go, the caffeine intake has hit an all-time high but we remain pretty confident that the BIM Academy team will submit a winner.

Building to apply whole life costing software model

The team has been blogging regularly at BIM Academy website Or twitter follow the hashtag #buildsydneylive for ongoing updates