is the UK’s leading provider of instant quotes for home moving services and is now working in partnership with Kykloud Home Survey to offer its surveying partners access to Kykloud’s RICS-approved residential surveying software.

With thousands of customers turning to each month to find and compare the cost of local, trusted surveyors, the online aggregator site has a huge number of residential surveying partners and has turned to Kykloud Home Survey to enhance its offering to them.

Its business is deep rooted in its sector and as such fully understands the impact that the current residential market is having on consumer demands and the knock on effect this plays on the surveying profession.

We asked Rosemary Rogers, founding Director and Marketing Manager at to tell us why she would recommend Kykloud Home Survey to her partners.

  • Kykloud is endorsed by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
  • The system works superbly for HomeBuyer Reports and Building Surveys which are the two surveying services our customers request
  • One of the most common complaints we receive is the timescale between survey and report delivery. Kykloud should significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to complete a residential survey which is great news for our customers and surveying partners alike
  • Kykloud Home Survey will allow surveyors to offer a more competitive service without eating in to already squeezed margins or impacting on quality
  • Kykloud Home Survey uses an iPad – a device that most of us use in our day to day life, so no need to invest in expensive hardware
  • Kykloud Home Survey can enhance the quality of the reports produced; the mobile technology frees up surveyors from time consuming administrative duties to focus on their professional surveying skills
  • Kykloud Home Survey is tried and tested and provides a safe and secure mobile surveying solution. Written and developed by the award winning Kykloud team, you can have peace of mind that the technology is robust and your data is safe – two huge concerns for the surveying profession

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