Mobile technology, iPads and smart phones are quite literally transforming our industry, with surveyors using mobile apps and software often reporting a 50% reduction in survey and reporting times.

The impact of this technology for building surveyors is so significant that Kykloud has been asked to support this year’s RICS Building Surveying Conference 2013 with a hands-on demonstration on how our software is being used across the industry – helping clients to survey faster, more efficiently and win more business – whilst meeting RICS surveying standards.

Surveyors will be given the opportunity to carry out their own surveys using Kykloud to see for themselves how the software can enhance rather than dictate the surveying process.

Kykloud CTO Nick Graham said:

“We are delighted to support RICS in promoting new cutting edge developments for the industry. Mobile technology is certainly becoming a significant part of surveying, be it with paid for software or free apps. We recognise that more and more surveyors are eager to understand how the technology that they have in the palm of their hands could enhance the way in which they work, saving them time and money.

“Our technical presentation will hopefully allay any fears and give those attending an opportunity to play around with the software to see how it can be customised to work for them as opposed to dictating how they must work.”

Spaces are limited so attendees to the conference should pre-register with us directly here (please fill in the DEMO form stating “RICS” after your company name).